It has been a long time since my last blog post; however, that’s alright. I am not promising to write something long each time I log in from now on, rather I see this as a great way to debrief about the collected set of moments that I call a day. Sometimes, that collection is large and other times it’s relatively small. This post, serves as a reflection on many long conversations and analyzations of what one must do in order to get what one wants.

As I get closer and closer to graduation, I will find myself being prodded with the same questions, “What are you doing after graduation?” “Are you excited to be graduating?” “Do you have a job lined up?” The answer to all of these questions, as it stands, is simply “I don’t know.” However, this feeling of uncertainty is not something that frightens me, (it may frighten my mother) rather it serves as encouragement. I find myself in a rare position where opportunities are just waiting to be made. They are not knocking. This idea that opportunities are simply lounging about waiting for me to cherry-pick them is a very naive way of living life. Yet, I feel as if this is where my mind was leaning toward for the longest time–it’s hard not to. When you are told that “you will do well in that field,” or “that definitely suits you,” or that “you’ll be fine” it’s hard not to let the arbitrary encouragements of others cripple your motivation to be proactive. The most amazing people became that way through pushing past adversity. In a day and age where it almost seems not PC to wish for adversity let alone on your worst enemy it’s hard for people to discover how they can better themselves when others tell them they are doing great. Ironically (and fortunately) enough, I was able to identify this adversity before it was too late.

Which brings me to the topic of this post: the “Hustle”. In order to achieve one must embark. Whether this be a journey or a conquest or in this case a job, one must take to the path without looking back. Looking back slows you down, it allows fear and doubt to creep in. I’ve spent my entire life looking back, for fear that I may have said or done the wrong thing and honestly, I am still working on that. But there comes a time when you have to trust your instincts. My wrestling coach used to say, “Don’t be sorry, be right.” I need to trust that I know right from wrong and when the choice has to be made, even if it is a snap judgement call I will do the right thing. As long as I can think like that, my “hustle” will become a little more effortless. Part of what led me to this realization was me finding a fire lit within me about working for the company Ogilvy & Mather. They are one of the oldest and largest marketing communications firms in the entire world and I find myself dreaming about working in a space that challenges people to be innovative and creative. In order to reach this dream, I needed to “hustle.” (I will explain more of those specifics in another blog post).

I recently watched the 2008 film “The Go-Getter” which featured the lovely and ever talented Zooey Deschanel and the Man himself Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) playing three completely different roles. The film’s title easily correlates to the title of this post and the movie too had some easy themes to discern. But, weak attempts to convey trigger-word prompted flashbacks coupled with contrived and trite hipsterisms aside, this film provided some very key takeaways. Life happens to those that go after it. You may get distracted and side-tracked along the way but that’s ok, as long as you realize that you’ve stopped short of the destination you set out for in the first place and continue to move. People will knock you down, but the people who pick you up, dust you off and comment at how foolish you were for allowing anything or anyone to interrupt your conquest are the ones worth bringing along for the ride.

“The faster you move, the slower time passes, the longer you live.”


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