Off the Record

Life isn’t easy when you have to constantly be conscious of how what you say, or how you say something may be perceived by others.  Working for a world leading media company has really helped me to open my eyes to that idea. However, it is not one that I will do away with simply after my internship is over. I wanted to write blogs and make vlogs about my experience this summer but have only just had the opportunity to speak to someone in our company’s Corporate Communications department. Had I taken the initiative, like I oftentimes do, the fussock* may have started singing and I could kiss my hopes for future employment goodbye.

Below, is the message that I posted earlier regarding Rush Limbaugh’s allegation that the new Batman movie: The Dark Knight Rises, is a liberal and socialist propaganda weapon being used during the presidential campaign, that has allegedly been in the workings for years! As conspiracy theories go this one is pretty in depth. Here’s where Rush made his claim:

Now before you attack Mr. Limbaugh with whatever sort of derogatory words or thoughts you can muster, stop and remember that, for every liberal conspiracy theory he can concoct, he gets more ratings and views and can put food on his own table.  Do not blame him for providing a means for him to get by.  However, DO blame and in my own PERSONAL opinion, feel free to judge individual persons who feel as if they are being informed by Mr. Limbaugh’s word vomit. See, at the end of the day, the reason why this story gains any sort of traction, is due to the fact that Rush presented it in such a way that calls on the average listener (high percentage conservative Republican) to use critical thinking skills and discern what can “clearly” be viewed as an attack on their mind by a liberal agenda. Rush seems to believe that Bane and Bain are so similar that as the average American vegges out on TDKR, they will naively associate the two, which is unfair and deliberate. Which is Ironic, considering Texas Republicans are AGAINST teaching critical thinking skills at the risk of children becoming indoctrinated from the teachings of their parents, preachers, scientists etc. But I digress…

When I read this story, I reacted in a way that I feel is very exemplary of my personality–those of you who know me I feel would agree–by posting this on my PERSONAL Facebook page. (Thanks to those of you who offered your own witty commentary!)


C’est witty, no? As proud as I was of this post I realized that it was not the “most” appropriate to publish on my Facebook page and took it down following with this disclaimer:


Mind you, I was not ordered to take it down, nor was it demanded that I make the disclaimer, but I felt it PERSONALLY necessary. This internship has truly been an eye opening experience for me as I grow in my understanding of what is ethical vs. legal and what is on vs. off the record.  I’m not a reporter by any means, and although I may play reporter from time to time, I feel proud that I can usually offer a stance on most hot topic issues that is typically non-partisan/ non-biased (the scenario alluded to above however was a facetious deviation).  By providing everyone with the facts from both sides of the issue, I feel as if I can aid in promoting a more competent readership and populace. #mypleasure. Too often I feel that we make decisions on issues based on limited intel or biased opinion leaders. By simply taking the time to educate ourselves as much as we possibly can, we avoid inevitable ignorance, arrogance and derailment. I don’t have all the answers, and even when I post things, it’s to gain a better understanding from others that we may reason together in a civil manner and reach conclusions–some similar and some significantly different.

So thanks for stopping by! I hope that whoever you are, we can one day reason with one another. If it happens over a Facebook thread, I can’t say that I will be enthralled (and honestly I may judge you somewhat) but the times are changing and as social media continues to be used in new and unique ways, I hope to be as much of an early adopter and innovator as I possibly can to meet you there.



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