I’m an Intern!! At TBS!! #whatthewhat

It is currently 12:00 midnight and I should really REALLY be asleep, but if I don’t write this now I probably won’t write it till the end of the week. SO, about my internship…

Turner Broadcasting Systems is amazing! I went through orientation (ironic) on Monday morning at 8:45 and had the opportunity to interact some with a few of the other interns. Here’s us in the first and only Orientation session of the day:


The vast majority of them were surprisingly from UNC-Chapel Hill. However, I managed to find the few Bulldogs of the Nation and we bonded a little bit before we went our separate ways. I’m definitely looking forward to meeting a lot of the interns, hearing their stories as well as trading stories about our experiences throughout the summer.

I was then introduced to Devin Dreher, who has come to be my mentor here at TBS. Devin has been working here for roughly two years now and is really knowledgeable about the goings on not only in our department (Human Resources) but also many others. We got me situated with my security access badge and I later also received a new bag for my laptop and other work essentials making me look rather official. Here’s a snapshot of my badge, bag and workspace which I was also led to after Orientation. Image

Devin introduced me to a lot of the people in HR and I eventually got to meet the man who would be my main supervisor and was responsible for offering me my position. Scott Katz was an Orientation Leader in 2000 under the tutelage of Eric Johnson and worked at the Visitors Center under the guidance of the legen…wait for it….I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because she was DARY: Fran Lane–one place which I have worked and one which I currently work respectively. Quite frankly, this amazing opportunity has really shown me that sure, being great and doing amazing things looks good and all, but knowing the right people really does matter. I was initially made aware of the opportunity at Turner due to an email forwarded to me by my boss EJ from Scott. I expressed my interest to EJ and he relayed me to Scott directly. I sent him my Présumé, we spoke on the phone and the rest is history. Now I have a view out of my (spacious) cubicle like thisImage

Life is Good™! Tomorrow begins day 3 and I am already scheduled to attend some programs and assist in some more meetings. Being an intern is great, especially for such a great company! More blogs/vlogs (if I’m given the ok) to follow but I’m about to pass out now.

And we’re out–Cheers!


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